All opening windows and doors come with weatherstripping.

There are many different types of weatherstripping but they all do one job, reduce drafts from opening windows and block energy loss from windows and doors. Unfortunately, over time, they all fail. Old windows and doors are serious offenders of drafts and energy loss. Many clients feel the only way to fix these issues are to replace the offensive windows and doors, which can be a costly affair.  Even new windows can provide drafts and energy loss if the material is a low grade material.

Just like cleaning a furnace is imperative to maintenance on your home, so is regular upkeep to windows and doors in your home. To keep your windows in tip top shape, to extend the life of your windows, regular maintenance is a necessity. Keeping your weather stripping in tip top shape, having it replaced when it has failed, is one way to keep those windows in their best condition can not only save you money on replacements but keep your monthly bills at a lesser rate.

Replacing failed weatherstripping is a cost effective way to solve those issues with those drafty windows and doors.

Another reason to get your weatherstripping replaced is to seal the windows that have warped over time. Wooden doors and windows are beautiful but are high maintenance. With the weather we experience in Calgary, wooden doors and windows warp faster in the conditions we experience. Replacing the weatherstripping can not only stop the drafts from these warped windows and doors but can prolong the life of them, saving you money in the long run.


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