Moisture Removal

Imagine this, you’ve just bought this beautiful home and you’ve spent the first couple of months making it yours with little touches but over all its everything you’ve dreamt about. The bathroom is your own spa get away, the dining table fits perfectly, the kitchen is amazing and that view… wait… that big picture window that you go on about is foggy? No big deal you’ll just wipe it away… it wont wipe? Oh no! Do you have to replace your whole window? You loved that big window until now… now you’re thinking of the cost to replace it! Did you know you can get that fixed without replacement or the price tag of replacement?

Over time, windows are subjected to “solar pumping”. This causes the expansion and contraction of a sealed unit (double and triple pane). This can cause seals to eventually fail, allowing moisture to get trapped inside. Double and triple pane windows are one sealed unit installed into the frame. There is a seal around the panes of glass, holding them in place, and sealing the space between them from dust and moisture from getting in between the panes. Once those fail windows will start to look foggy, streaky and dirty.

With our process we can fix these problems.

By drilling two small holes in the window, spraying a methal-hydrate solution in between the panes and sealing the holes with patented valves we warranty our process for up to 10 years preventing these problems from continuing and saving our clients the price tag of replacing their windows that don’t need to be replaced, but simply, restored.


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