Moisture Removal

Imagine this, you’ve just bought this beautiful home and you’ve spent the first couple of months making it yours with little touches but over all its everything you’ve dreamt about. The bathroom is your own spa get away, the dining table fits perfectly, the kitchen is amazing and that view… wait… that big picture window…
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Window Caulking

Calgary experiences some cold weather in our winters and one of the biggest complaints from clients we hear during these harsh temperature is how drafty their windows are. They have their windows locked and are even putting temperature shields and plastics to try to stop the draft, in turn harming their windows when the temperatures…
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All opening windows and doors come with weatherstripping. There are many different types of weatherstripping but they all do one job, reduce drafts from opening windows and block energy loss from windows and doors. Unfortunately, over time, they all fail. Old windows and doors are serious offenders of drafts and energy loss. Many clients feel…
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